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Table 1 Cyt- b reference sequences of species that would likely be hunted or consumed at the seizure region

From: Illegal hunting cases detected with molecular forensics in Brazil

Popular name Species GenBank accession numbers (ID reference sequence)
Mammal species   
Indian cattle Bos indicus AY126697 (Bind1), EF693799.1 (Bind2), EF061238.1 (Bind3), EF061239.1 (Bind3), EF061242.1 (Bind4)
European cattle Bos taurus FJ971088 (Btau1), GU249572.1 (Btau2), DQ186288.1 (Btau3), DQ186284.1 (Btau4), AY952963.1 (Btau5)
Domestic pig Sus scrofa GQ351599 (Sscr1), GU135819.1 (Sscr2), AM492594.1 (Sscr3), AY237529.1 (Sscr4), GU135716.1 (Sscr5)
Spotted paca Cuniculus paca AY206574.1 (Cpac1), AY206563.1 (Cpac2), AY206572.1 (Cpac3), AY206561.1 (Cpac4), AY206560.1 (Cpac5)
Capybara Hydrochoerus hydrochaeris GU136721.1 (Hhyd1)
Marsh deer Blastocerus dichotomus DQ789176.2 (Bdic1), DQ789173.2 (Bdic2), DQ789175.2(Bdic3), DQ789174.2 (Bdic4)
Red brocket deer Mazama americana DQ789230.2 (Mame1), DQ789201.2 (Mame2), DQ789225.2 (Mame3), DQ789209.2(Mame4), DQ789224.2 (Mame5)
Gray brocket deer Mazama gouazoubira DQ789200.2 (Mgou1), DQ789189.2 (Mgou2), DQ789182.2 (Mgou3), DQ789203.2 (Mgou4), DQ789184.2 (Mgou5)
Pampas deer Ozotoceros bezoarticus L48404.1 (Obez1), DQ789199.2 (Obez2), DQ789198.2 (Obez3), DQ789191.2 (Obez4), DQ789192.2 (Obez5)
Collared peccary Pecari tajacu DQ179085.1 (Ptaj1), DQ179079.1 (Ptaj2), DQ179082.1 (Ptaj3), DQ179074.1 (Ptaj4), DQ179065.1 (Ptaj5)
White-lipped peccary Tayassu pecari AY534303.1 (Tpec1), U66290.1 (Tpec2), AY726775.1 (Tpec3)
Lowland tapir Tapirus terrestris AF056030.1 (Tter1), GQ259949.1 (Tter2), GQ259923.1 (Tter3), GQ259954.1 (Tter4), GQ259936.1 (Tter5)
Bird species   
Chicken Gallus gallus domesticus HQ122606 (Ggal1), AF195628.1 (Ggal2), AY029583.1 (Ggal3), AF354171.1 (Ggal4), AF028795.1 (Ggal5)
Red-throated piping-guan Aburria cujubi AY659799.1 (Acuj)
Blue-throated piping-guan Aburria cumanensis AY659798.1 (Acum)
Little tinamou Crypturellus soui FJ899152 (Csou1), FJ899151.1(Csou2), FJ899149.1 (Csou3), FJ899150.1 (Csou4), FJ899147.1 (Csou5)
Undulated tinamou Crypturellus undulatus AY139629.1 (Cund1)
Bare-faced curassow Crax fasciolata AY659790.1 (Cfas1), AY141923.1 (Cfas2)
Chaco Chachalaca Ortalis canicollis/Ortallis pantanalensis AF165472.1 (Ocan)/AY659783.1 (Opan)
Speckled Chachalaca Ortalis gutatta AY659782.1 (Ogut1)
Razor-billed curassow Pauxi tuberosa AY354484.1 (Ptub1), AF165469.1 (Ptub2)
Rusty-margined guan Penelope superciliaris AY659804 (Psup1)
Great tinamou Tinamus major AF338707.3 (Tmaj1)