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Aims and scope

Investigative Genetics is a peer-reviewed, open access journal that publishes articles on the development and application of molecular genetics in a wide range of science disciplines with societal relevance. These include evolutionary, anthropological and historical studies, forensic issues and legal medicine, as well as epidemiology and biosafety.

Investigative Genetics aims to provide a venue for novel, cutting-edge research and technological developments that will, through the application of molecular genetics, answer questions of past and present life, enhance life quality, and provide a safer living environment.

Thematic series

Human evolutionary genomics
Edited by: Manfred Kayser

Microbial forensics
Edited by: Bruce Budowle

DNA fingerprinting
Edited by: Antti Sajantila, Bruce Budowle and Manfred Kayser
Advisory Editor: Alec Jeffreys