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Table 2 Shared taxa from pairwise comparisons of all data located in scalp (Sc) and/or pubic (Pu) hairs

From: Metagenomic analyses of bacteria on human hairs: a qualitative assessment for applications in forensic science

Individual 1 (female) 2 (male) 3 (male) 4 (female) 5 (female) 6 (female) 7 (male)
1 (Female)   Xanthomonadaceae (Sc) Dialister spp. (Pu) Lactobacillus iners (Pu) 0 0 0
Prevotella spp. (Pu)
Peptinophilus spp. (Sc/Pu)
2 (male)    0 0 Betaproteobacteria (Sc/Pu) Actinomycetales (Pu), Neisseriaceae (Sc) Dietziac (Sc)
Neisseriaceae (Sc) Mycoplana spp. (Sc/Pu) Knoellia subterranea (Sc/Pu)
Corynebacteriaceae (Pu)
Lactobacillus spp. (Pu) X4
3 (male)     Bifidobacterium (Pu/Sc) 0 0 Corynebacteriaceae (Sc)
Anaerococcus (Pu) Paracoccus (Sc/Pu)
4 (female)      Lactobacillus spp. X2 (Pu) Limnohabitans spp. (Sc) 0
Rhodobacteriaceae (Sc)
5 (female)       0 0
6 (female)        Corynebacterium spp. (Sc/Pu)
Aggregibacter segnis (Pu)
7 (male)        
  1. The cohabiting couple (bold) share more taxa, including multiple lactobacilli species, than other individuals.