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Figure 5

From: Development of a fast PCR protocol enabling rapid generation of AmpFℓSTR® Identifiler® profiles for genotyping of human DNA

Figure 5

Percentage of minor contributor alleles detected, male fraction and minor contributor fraction, for two separate DNA mixture sets (A and B) amplified using the optimized fast PCR protocol for Identifiler. The bars represent the percentage of minor contributor alleles detected for DNA mixture sets A and B. The male fraction (% male) was calculated using the formula:

where x is the peak height from Amelogenin × and y is the peak height from Amelogenin Y. Fraction of the minor contributor (% minor) at each locus was calculated by dividing the sum of peak heights of alleles assigned to the minor contributor by the sum of all peak heights, at each possible locus. The global % minor was determined as the average of all loci and is presented. Two replicate amplifications were performed with the same DNA mixture sets. Reciprocals for the 39:1 to 2:1 ratios were included (except for % male).

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