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Table 1 State policies for familial searching and partial match disclosure

From: Policy implications for familial searching

  States with formal familial searching policies
Parameter California Colorado Texas Virginia
   Violent crimes X X X X
   Nonviolent crimes   X   
CODIS offenders searched     
   Convicted offenders X X X X
   Arrestees   X X X
Tools for narrowing suspect pool     
   IBS X X X X
   Likelihood ratio X X X X
   YSTR analysis X X X X
Other policy specifics     
   Requires profiles on all 13 CODIS loci X X X X
   Requires evidence profile to be single source X   X  
   Permits mixtures with clearly defined profiles   X   X
   Oversight committee Xa   Xb  
   Requires specialized training of law enforcement   X   
   Requires public record verification before follow-up   X   
States permitting partial match disclosure [4]     
   Arizona, Connecticutc, Florida, Missouri and Nebraskad, Nevada, New York, Oregon and Washington Statee, Wyoming     
  1. CODIS = Combined DNA Index System; IBS = identity-by-state; YSTR = Y-chromosome short tandem repeat. aFamilial Search Committee. bCommittee of four CODIS analysts recommends when to conduct familial searches. cRestricted to profiles where a genetic similarity "must raise the hair on the back of the analyst's neck to be worth pursuing" (Ram (2011) [4], p 770). d"Targeted analysis" may be conducted on a case-by-case basis and upon specific request (Ram (2011) [4], p 772). ePolicy addresses partial matches derived from routine moderate-stringency searches.