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Table 1 Summary of sequence dataa

From: The identification of the Romanovs: Can we (finally) put the controversies to rest?

   Nagai et al. G. Romanov  
np rCRS sequenceb haplotypec Hg C1a
16,093 T C/T T T
16,126 T T C T
16,169 C C C/T C
16,223 C T C T
16,278 C C/T C C
16,294 C C T C
16,296 C C T C
16,298 T C/T T C
16325 T C/T T C
16,327 C C/T C T
16,356 T C/T T C
16,362 T C/T T T
73 A n.r. G A
93 A n.r. A G
249 A n.r. A del
263 A n.r. G G
290 + 291 AA n.r. AA del
315.1 - n.r. C C
320 C C C* C
  1. aSequence data are from Nagai et al. [22], who erroneously reported 320T for the G Romanov haplotype from Ivanov et al.'s paper [13]. np = nucleotide position, n.r. = not reported. bAs reported in Table 1 by Nagai et al. [22]. cAs reported by Ivanov et al. [13].